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We do not advertise on this site, the entire project is paid for from contributions from users like you. Neither OnSale.Network or it's authors collect information on you. That's not the point of this web site. The point is to connect grocery buyers and sellers together.

We DO NOT collect emails, DO NOT place cookies on your device nor DO WE track you. Consumers can simply scan the map for producers then contact them by phone. Producers can post their products for sale for consumers to contact them. The entire process is designed to create a pleasant experience for both the consumer and producer. The goal of the consumer should be to develop a long term relationship for a stable priced quality food supply. The goal of the producer should be to develop a large clientele that produces a strong re-occurring revenue base.

Neither the consumer or producer have to register to use this site. We DO NOT ask for passwords, and DO NOT ask you to register. We do not collect eMails then spam you.

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garden seeds on sale In short, we don't care who you are so long as you want to buy or sell groceries and always uphold honorable web site conduct.

We DO care about the quality and accuracy of the sellers postings. Any abuse and your address will be banned forever.

We DO have to temporarily store the producer's mapping details in order to verify the address and post it back to the map. We DO NOT post anything more than is needed for a local buyer to contact a local seller by phone. We DO ADD your map marker details to files in order to verify, save and post them back on the map. And no - we do not send out flyers, we've got better things to do than hassle guests. Note that your map marker will automatically expire after 2 weeks from posting. Please - only one map marker per address - anything more will clutter up your map posting.

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chicken breast on sale PLEASE DONATE TO THIS CAUSE. That's our pitch. We know not everyone can contribute money, and that's ok. You can contribute in other ways also. Spread the word about the site to other consumers and producers. It's a great idea and helps everyone. Please donate to food banks - the poor will always be with us and they are not poor by choice but rather circumstances.

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