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food prices rising

food inflation
food price inflation

Use the Map on the front page to find local food sources. Use the Producer Link to post a marker if you have food for sale.

From cattle to gardens, our food supply takes a lot of work.

It all starts with a care for the earth and knowing what it can grow and when.

Today, our food supply is threatened and more important than ever.

growing a garden
grocery price

There is a reason store shelves are becoming bare, and what is there is more expensive than ever.

The entire planet's environment is shifting. Climate change is now a reality. Too much water or heat, too little water or heat and crops can fail.

The world's economies are in turmoil and radical change. Farm, fertilizer, crop and meat prices are skyrocketing higher and it will not stop.

food inflation
food prices rising

Today, our food supply is threatened and more important than ever. A strong relationship between consumers and farmers can secure your family's food quality and supply.

This site is a tool, use it with respect. Try to form alliances with farmers, gardeners, fishermen, dairy producers.

Keep in touch with farmers, tell them what you would like well in advance so that your food needs are met.

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Farmers are not the ones cashing in on high prices. Input costs have soared.

Support your local farmers. Buy meats direct from farmers, market gardens and food growers.