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Use the Map on the front page to find local food sources.

I could say that OnSale.Network is designed to connect consumers with food producers but that would corporate lingo. This web site is about re-establishing historic lifelong relationships that used to exist between food producers and consumers.

Consumers today purchase food from stores. The stores get it from suppliers, who in turn get supplies from producers. And that's ok for many food items that are least expensive but today, as consumers, we are faced with soaring costs for our main items like meats and vegetables.

The bond is broke between consumers and producers. The many layers of middlemen have driven up the costs for what we pay for food and driven down the profits for producers.

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What can be better than to take a pleasant summer drive to the country side or local farmers market to bulk buy high quality food at a reasonable price? Well I'll tell you what may be better. That's being the farmer, and to have a pleasant meeting with that same consumer that drove all the way to purchase my food.

Today, more than ever, its harder to make ends meet. Consumer food costs are soaring and will continue to do so. Middlemen make more profits than ever while it costs more and more to plant food due to producer input costs.


The onSale.Network is simple. As a consumer, the main page has a map showing local food suppliers. Use your browser to scan the local areas. The map markers show the general area of the producer so you will need to use the phone number listed and call them to schedule a meeting.

Farmers are those that supply meats, cheese, eggs and fish products while gardeners supply vegetables, herbs, honey, and seeds - together they are producers. The map is producer exclusive and only allows posting of items such as meats and vegetables products.

Producers must enter accurate details to the form page to post their products for sale. There are no fees, sign up process, registration method, email harvester, data harvester or cookies placed when you post. It's truly free to use so long as you respect the rules. Abusers will be permanently banned. Each producer is allowed one post that will expire after two weeks.

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